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Shapefile viewer

I wondered if geographic coordinate data (like country borders) was freely available somewhere. And what do you know? Our friend Google found ALOT. Cool, what now? Lets draw it on the screen! Read more

Huffman compression

Huffman encoding is a way to compress data in a lossless way. The general idea of huffman encoding is to replace original characters with a certain code. The more occurences of a character the shorter the code. So for example "e" gets a short code like "011" while "Q" can have a longer code like "101110101". Read more

HTML5 Maze generator and solver

I came across this website which is about mazes and the algorithms there are to generate and solve them. It is an interesting site and i wondered if i could translate the algorithms textual explanation to a program. I also wanted to display animations so you can see how the different algorithms do their work. Read more

What is the Mandelbrot set?

When I came acros images like those displayed above or those zoom movies you can see on youtube i was wondering for a long time: What is this and how is it made? So i decided to look into it. I knew math was involved to somehow generate these cool images but not much more. It turns out that it's not verry hard to generate a image displaying the Mandelbrot set with a simple program (download below). Here i will try my best to explain what i know, i am not the best at mathematics, i just found it interesting. Read more