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Here i will post anything music related. From brand new tracks/EPs to game music. I also post what i call "music hunts" wich are results of me searching for music i like :)

Music hunt 2

11 techno tracks this time. The track "Open Source" by Marco Carola i heard at a party but i could not find it on the web, its a track from 2001, finally found it :_) Adam Beyer also played it at the ADE party. Vertigo is a track with a classic sounding melody which i really like. Enjoy! Read more

Adam Beyer - Salvage Dub [ME12]

Salvage Dub is the name of a new track by Adam Beyer comming out on Mad Eye and i absolutely love it. It comes with another 3 tracks in the same release but Salvage Dub is my favourite. Listen to the preview on soundcloud! Read more

Music hunt 1

This music hunt (first jaay =) i have been going through the uploads of a youtuber named swaytec. He has alot of uploads and i have not finished yet going through them. Most of the tracks are old school and have a verry raw sound, found some verry interesting stuff. Peace and enjoy! d[-_-]b Read more